Carly A. Ibold Cases

  • $209,700 Award for Loss of Arm Use in Workers’ Compensation Case

    A client was awarded $209,700 from the Industrial Commission of Ohio because he suffered from a “functional” loss of use of the left upper extremity. The Commission found that the client’s testimony about the level of pain and inability to effectively use his arm and fingers in activities of daily living was highly persuasive.

    Attorney: Carly A. Ibold

  • Client Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits After Repeated Denials

    A client was awarded benefits after filing applications for disability benefits since 2013. The claimant unsuccesfully attempted to obtain disability benefits twice on her own, as well as one failed attempt with representation from another firm. After completing a thorough medical investigation and briefing of the issues, Lowe Eklund Wakefield secured a favorable decision in …

    Attorney: Carly A. Ibold